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EXCELSIOR for Supply Chain and Logistic Services
EXCELSIOR™ for Supply Chain and Logistic Services was established in
the year of 2016 under the name of (Taziti Business) and has
witnessed changes in name and type of activity at the end of 2019
after its conversion and the introduction of some partners under the
Companies Act of 1925. Some of the activities undertaken by the Firm
have been modified to keep pace with the requirements of the stage
of progress and prosperity.
Who are we?
EXCELSIOR™ is one of the leading institutions in the field of Supply
Chain and logistic services, which is working to distribute its
services to all logistics sectors. This is to become one of the largest
supply chain service providers and strategic support for the
system of facilities and institutions in the country’s logistics
facilities. In addition to its contracts with the largest land, sea,
river and air transportation companies, its services cover the most
important regions in Sudan and some neighboring countries
through their network.
Our Vision:
Our supply chain services cover all the requirements of our
customers with the highest level of quality according to
international indicators.
Pioneering supply chain and logistic services to be an example of
excellence and your best partner locally and globally.
The message:
-To excel what we seek in all of our services:
-To be a partner that able to provide the necessary Supply Chain
services on a global level according to your ambitions.
-To be the perfect choice for all companies and institutions to provide
our logistic services.
-To be at the forefront of logistical work by applying professional and
international best practices and adapting it to market requirements.
-To be an example of adhering to the international contracting laws
and conditions and implementing them locally according to the
company’s matrix and provisions.

  • To contribute as an effective partner in the development of our
    Sudanese society
    Our Values:
    Our values are based on:
    * Professionalism
    * Commitment
    * Respect
    * Excellency
    * Integrity
    What makes us different?
    Our specialist staff will help you quickly and correctly in calculating all
    of your logistics costs. While ensuring that your purchases and
    merchandise are transported in the most efficient and profitable way
    through certified partners. Our company organizes this high degree
    of responsibility as efficiently as possible while ensuring minimum
    time and costs.
    We have developed our services with an integrated set of specialized
    Supply chain solutions to meet all the needs of our customers in
    different supply chains, we have committed to providing world-class
    solutions for the supply chain.
    Our sustainability efforts focus on three main themes: (education and
    empowerment of youth), (entrepreneurship) and (climate change and
    environment protection), which in turn represents the company’s
    strategy in the area of social and environmental issues. These themes
    have become a part of our daily business, and they are the basis for
    our sustainable development goals (SDGs) and it’s successful
    implementation. Through our programs and projects, we seek to
    contribute to creating a better future for the societies in the markets
    in which we operate.
    EXCELSIOR™ Start-ups Support Program:
    At EXCELSIOR™ we offer the Start-up Support Program, through
    which we continue to provide advisory services to small start-ups
    and help them adopt sustainable development goals (SDGs) as an
    an essential part of their business strategy.
    Why are we?
    While we monitor changes in the industry and what we can do to
    better serve our customers, we find that we have developed
    logistical and marketing techniques and solutions for timely and
    effective purchase and sale. This facilitates and simplifies the
    process of tracking purchases and inventory, preparing bills,
    reporting, and other business information.
    Services provided by EXCELSIOR™:
    1) International, Regional, and local Material supplies, Equipment,
    stationery, and prints.
    2) Logistics solution (Delivery by Air, Sea, Road).
    3) Warehouse management services, Inventory, and stock control.
    4) Training and Consulting services in the supply chain and logistics field.
    Explanation of services:
    * International, Regional and local Material supplies,
    Equipment, stationery, and prints.
    EXCELSIOR™ works on the procurement management processes of companies
    and private and public institutions through its previous service or through direct
    purchase and follow-up with supply chain operations (3PL).
    Through its well-known team, EXCELSIOR™ monitors the purchases and
    monitors its quality and safety until it reaches the headquarters of the
    organization or the company.
    * Logistics solution (Delivery by Air, Sea, Road).
    local and international logistic services to and from any place to in Sudan.
    * Warehouse management services, Inventory, and stock control.
    Keeping control of your stock so that you’re able to hold the least amount of
    inventory in your warehouses makes for easier organization, lower holding
    costs, better cash flow, and more space within your warehouses. When it
    comes to inventory control procedures, lees are definitely more.
    * Training and Consulting services in the supply chain and logistics
    Providing training and consultations and technical support in relation to the
    field of the supply chain, logistics, and the activities of the company.
    Based on its high-status position in the comprehensive logistics sector,
    EXCELSIOR emphasizes its full adherence to regulations and relevant laws
    in the sector. This includes the conditions set by local and international
    regulatory bodies, in order to ensure the continued implementation of the
    company’s activities and businesses in accordance with the highest
    international standards and practices. EXCELSIOR spares no effort seeking to
    create a positive and sustainable impact through its services, for the benefit
    of all stakeholders, and in many cases in a manner that exceeds the quality
    and efficiency of the requirements of local regulatory bodies.
    The EXCELSIOR compliance Program aims to establish an institutional
    a culture based on respect, honesty, and integrity, based on an effective
    framework for managing compliance issues and enabling each employee to
    avoid any situations or conditions that may harm EXECLSIOR’s integrity or
    This program was prepared to provide the support and tools
    necessary to keep abreast of all requirements and aspirations and to enable
    each employee to fulfill his responsibilities in honesty and integrity.
    EXCELSIOR’s Code of Conduct sets out our efforts to cultivate an
    institutional culture that we depend on to guide our actions and make the
    right decisions as we see it fair and ethical, ensuring a dignified life for all
    members of our team. The EXCELSIOR Code of Conduct also represents a
    unique reference that enables the company to conduct business efficiently
    worldwide and to communicate effectively with employees, agents,
    suppliers, customers, and all interested parties. This contributes to ensuring:
    Responsible, transparent, respectful, fair, and highly efficient work
    • Reliable and fair operating and financial information.
    • Protecting the company’s assets and ensuring their safety.
    • Compliance with laws, legislation, policies, procedures, and contracts.
    • Business growth is sound and sustainable.
    • Apply conformity standards and procedures in day-to-day operations,
    including all aspects and elements of work (culture, individuals,
    communications, policies, procedures, governance, and strategic plans).Safe,
    fair, protected, and healthy working environment and conditions.
    Moreover, we divided the code of conduct into separate policies and parts
    with the aim of applying compliance terms and procedures in daily
    operations and simplifying the process of understanding them at the
    company level.